VS-ECG is an open source software SDK. It turns very complicated ECG DSP, Chart and ECG pattern recognition very easily and let users to be able to create their own ECG monitor application in just a few minutes.

About VS-ECG

VS-ECG Programming is created by VitalSigns Technology and is the most popular ECG open source API of the world. You can easily develop your own real-time ECG monitoring application depend on VS-ECG. 

All the sample code is free and open. you can find it on the github listed below.

VS-ECG is developed based on C/C++ on the ubuntu OS. however, you can base on the protocol to deploy it to any. other OS or programming language.

You don’t need to have any programming background. Just have to step by step follow the instruction to create the software.

VS-ECG includes:

(1) Build environment on Ubuntu

(2) Serial port communication

(3) ECG device communication via BLE

(4) Real-time chart and information fetching

(5) Draw ECG chart 

(6) ECG data and information saving

(7) Device firmware update support.

After the chapters, you can run your own application like below:

Who needs VS-ECG

VS-ECG is open protocol for researchers, system integrators, and students to create their real-time, long-term medical, AI training platform.

It provides:

1. Real-time ECG raw data@500Hz

2. Patient’s real-time G-Sensor data @25 Hz

3.Patient’s real-time temperature  

4. 24 hours monitoring and file fetch

5. Time domain and frequency domain HRV analysis


Researchers around the world uses VS-ECG to start their ECG AI training, and cardiac disease monitoring.

The VS-ECG is open source and all the source code can be downloaded from git-hub link below.

Vs-ECG Programming Guide (C/ C++, Ubuntu)

Just follow the steps showed below to create your own ECG application.

Create a VS-ECG Demo with Raspberry Pi4 in 10 mins

VS-ECG is an easy to use open source ECG software. You can build a ECG monitor machine in 10 minutes with a simple Raspberry Pi4 board. All the ecg data can be monitored on the chart and saved to CSV files for furthur analysis.

Free ECG Software : VsEcg

Based on VS-ECG protocol, VitalSigns provide a free software tools named “VsEcg” for users who don’t want to program software. It provides the following functions:

  • Real-time ECG chart display
  • ECG file save and load.
  • VSH101 configuration

 VsEcg is very suitable for clinical usage, medical research or ECG, HRV AI model build.

Please download the VsEcg from git-hub