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AI-Cloud Holter/ECG, Temp, & Particle Monitoring

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AI-Based ECG Motion Artifacts Cancellation Algorithm

Your Best ECG AI Diagnosis support

  • High Accurate VFW detection
  • Quick abnormal ECG waveform indication
  • Great user experience
  • Best cardiac diagnosis support

Medical-class Patch


VitalSigns provides cloud-based medical-class cardiac and temperature monitoring platform with one-stop-shop patch solutions, monitoring and diagnostic-AI.

Design service includes:

  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • Cloud Platform development
  • FDA(510K) certification support

A Medical-class Real-time Patch Holter & AI Platform

There are kinds of ECG devices, wrist type, chest-pad type.  An ECG device shall be able to monitor patient’s cardiac system anytime and anywhere. There are several key points :

GetTemp™ -Crowd Temp Monitoring Devices & SaaS

Very-real ECG waveform

A great wireless ECG device shall keep the ECG very real.  Lavish filter would cause the detail of the ECG. VitalSigns always keep the raw data for the later algorithm or AI diagnosis. Users can apply his own DSP or AI algorithm to the real ECG waveform.

Heart rate variability

All our ECG devices are embedded with an heart rate variability algorithm. Help you realize patient’s all day nervous system behavior (like figure in the right) 

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As one of the leading real-time  Medical-class ECG/Holter & Health Monitoring OEM companies, we take pride in integrating next-gen technology with medical-class manufacturing to serve you. VitalSigns is your one-stop-shop cloud-based ECG/Holter & health monitoring partner.

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