VS-ECG Programming Guide (V1.0)

1.1 About VS-ECG

VS-ECG Programming is created by VitalSigns Technology it helps user to quickly create his own ECG and vital signal monitoring system. It is free and all the source code sample is provided in the github. VS-ECG is now the most popular ECG open source API of the world. It has the following functions:

  • Live ECG raw data access with medical certification devices
  • G-sensor, temperature heart rate information access

1.2 Why VS-ECG

https://github.com/juangjl/vs-ecg.gitVS-ECG is open source protocol for researchers, system integrators, and students to create their real-time, long-term medical, AI training platform.

It provides:

  1. Real-time ECG raw data@500Hz
  2. Patient’s real-time G-Sensor data @25 Hz
  3. Patient’s real-time temperature  
  4. 24 hours monitoring and file fetch
  5. Time domain and frequncy domain HRV analysis

If your or your company, organization want to create your own patient monitor, telemedical service. VS0ECG is your best solution.

The software of VS-ECG is totally free and open source.  You can  download the source code from github.


Plenty of organization and universities uses VS-ECG to create their own ECG research and on-line ECG monitor service. 

1.3 Hardware Preparation

There are two devices that you need before the programming of VS-ECG

1. VSH101 – BLE 1-Lead ECG Holter

2. VSM004  – USB to BLE dongle for communicating with VSH101


  • Low power consmption
  • 500 HZ Sampling rate
  • 24-bit ADC resolution
  • Ultra -High CMRR
  • BLE Connection
  • BLE Function: Scan / Connect / Read / Write
  • High speed serial port 921600 support
  • ECG 500 Hz read / write support
  • VS-ECG device download code support


  • Seiral com port device
  • OS system : MacOS / Ubuntu Linux / Windows 
  • plug & play
  • Small size and light weight
  • BLE Function: Scan / Connect / Read / Write
  • High speed serial port 921600 support
  • ECG 500 Hz read / write support
  • VS-ECG device download code support

VSH101 and VSM004 accelerate your development time on ECG AI diagnosis and system integration. It makes ECG monitoring and diagnosis easy and quick.

Please visit https://www.vsigntek.com or mail to sales@vsigntek.com for device purchase.


1.4 Software build requirement

VS-ECG is serial port to BLE protocol. If basic C/ C++ programming skill is suggested. If you don’t have any programming background,don’t worry about it. Just need to follow our instructions and  step by step to create your own VS-ECG service. 

Here is software requirement that you need a ubuntu 20.04 to run the samples. You have a laptop or PC, you can  just to install a  ubuntu 20.04  machine or if you are a windows user , you  just have to install a virtual machine of  ubuntu 20.04 VM

Please not that root authentication of machine is needed.

VS-ECG software requirements

  • Ubuntu 20.04 machine
  • VSH101 – 1-lead ECG device
  • VSM004 –  USB dongle for BLE connection 
$ sudo apt-get install vim git build-essential libgtk-3-dev bluez bluetooth libbluetooth-dev