11. Patient management of VS-SAFETY

We know that VS-SAFETY is a powerful cloud-based patient physiological information care system. The core of the entire system lies in the “Patients” section. What we are going to explain is how to manage patients.
First, navigate to the “Main” page and select “Patient Management.” Not all users will have access to the management interface. You need to ensure that you have the patient management privileges for this specific project to be able to see the “Patient Management” option. When operating in this section, please exercise extreme caution, as deleting or modifying patient data can be irreversible. If you have the relevant permissions, please use this feature carefully.

Once you’re on the “Patient Management” page, you will see two items. The first item is “Patient Registration.” When a new patient visits your clinic or institution, they can fill out a paper form, and the relevant administrative personnel can access this item to add the patient’s information.
The next item is “Patient Data Query.” When you need to retrieve a patient’s contact information, or make modifications or deletions to a patient’s basic details, you can use this functionality.

Next, we will demonstrate how to add a new patient. Please click on the first item mentioned earlier, “Patient Registration.”。

Once inside, please fill in the 20 fields of this form in the following order, encompassing the following categories: (1) Name (2) Date of Birth, Gender, Height, Weight (3) Social Security Number, Marital Status (4) Patient’s Contact Information (5) Patient’s Health Insurance Information (6) Emergency Contact Information. These details help us provide comprehensive care for the patient.

in the previous step, we registered a fictitious Mr. Mike Finlly. Here, we can see his basic information after the registration is complete. Among them, the most important is the social security number. Patient information and device linkage both rely on the social security number.

You can click the “BACK” button below. This will take you to the patient inquiry page.

You can also perform patient inquiries from the “Patient Management” page by selecting “Patient Data Query.” The page you enter is the same as the one accessed through the “BACK” button in the previous step.

Patient inquiries are available in five different ways. You can search by name, phone number, birthday, and email. In this example, we also recommend using the Social Security Number (SSN).
In this example, we have chosen the Social Security Number (SSN) and entered the SSN “123456” into the field, which was set up in the previous step for Mike.

After setting up the criteria, please press the “QUERY” button. At this point, the system will display a list of patients who have the specified Social Security Number.

At this point, you can look up the patient information you want to know, or modify the patient data previously entered. Moreover, you can also directly delete a patient. All of these actions are available through the “action” column in the patient data row, where you can find the corresponding buttons.

Here, we click on the “edit” button. At this point, the system will navigate to the patient data update form. In this example, we will change the patient’s name from “Mike” to “Kevin.” After making the change, we press the “Update” button below. Now, you can see that we have successfully updated the patient’s name. The same method can be used to modify other fields as well.

We press the “back” button again and return to the previous “Patient List” page. Now, we want to delete “Kevin” (formerly known as “Mike”).

After pressing the “Del” button, the system will show you the patient’s information once again. You must explicitly confirm that this is the patient you want to delete. Once deleted, the patient’s data will disappear and cannot be recovered. If you are sure that all the information is no longer needed, please press “Delete”.

At this point, the patient’s data has been deleted. We can return to the “Patient Data Query” page and search again to see if there are any patients with the social security number “123456”.

Since in the previous step, we have already deleted the example “Kevin” (or “Mike”). At this point, you shouldn’t see any information.

Above is the presentation of how to quickly create, search, modify, and remove unnecessary patients in VS-SAFETY. Next, we will introduce how to integrate relevant equipment into this system.

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