01. About VS-SAFETY

VS-SAFETY is a web-based cardiac monitoring service developed by VitalSigns Technology. It utilizes VitalSigns Technology’s VSH101 wearable single-lead electrocardiogram device, enabling real-time monitoring of cardiac signals anytime, anywhere. Our clients include large AI centers for data collection, physiological signal monitoring for military, police, and firefighting personnel, injury assessment and classification during major disasters, patient monitoring in care facilities, and preliminary patient symptom classification in hospitals and clinics.

VS-SAFETY also serves as a demonstrative web service, guiding our clients on how to utilize VSH101 to create their personalized online medical monitoring platform. We are open to providing customized services for our clients or offering direct adoption of our VS-SAFETY cloud-based service. You can contact our business representative at sales@vsigntek.com to obtain more service information.

VS-SAFETY can simultaneously monitor the heart rate, blood oxygen level, autonomic nervous system, surface body temperature, and activity level of multiple patients. With our VSG101 (LTE Gateway) and VSG103 (WIFI Gateway), various forms of care can be provided, including outside, at home, and within medical facilities. Patients can receive comprehensive care after heart surgery and continue monitoring upon discharge. Physicians can quickly access real-time patient data through the reports provided by VS-SAFETY for 6 minutes, 1 hour, 7 days, or 14 days. Furthermore, you can set different alerts based on individual patients, such as high or low body temperature, elevated or reduced heart rate, and comparison of sinus rhythm to cardiac load for immediate patient monitoring.

VS-SAFETY provides us with real-time electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement, which plays an extremely crucial role in predicting and preventing heart diseases. Heart disease is one of the leading global causes of death, and many conditions may not exhibit obvious symptoms, making early prediction and prevention essential for safeguarding our health.

Simultaneously, the VSH101 provided by VitalSigns is a highly accurate wearable ECG measurement device that can record and analyze the electrical activity of our hearts in a short period. These data offer healthcare professionals valuable insights into heart function and rhythm, enabling early detection of potential cardiac issues. Through real-time measurements using VSH101, we can take appropriate preventive measures before the condition worsens, preventing the development of more severe heart diseases.

To prevent heart disease, the use of VS-SAFETY’s service involves regular ECG examinations, allowing us to understand our heart health status and identify potential risk factors early on. Armed with this knowledge, we can take preventive measures through lifestyle changes and regular medical check-ups, thus reducing the likelihood of developing heart disease.

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