08. Cardiac Device List of VS-SAFETY

VS-SAFETY utilizes the versatile single-lead ECG device, VSH101, developed by VitalSigns Technology. This device can instantly relay patients’ real-time physiological data through the VSG101/VSG102 gateways. The content of this chapter, “Cardiac Sensor List,” is the real-time list of VSH101 devices. You can use this list to monitor the current status of the devices you possess.

You can access the “Cardiac Sensor List” through either the “Main” page or the menu located at the top right corner.

Similar to the “Patient List,” you can consider the “Cardiac Sensor List” as a collection of devices that have not been assigned to patients. Since we are currently using the “sandbox” account, only one device is visible at the moment. From this list, you can obtain the device’s ID, social security number (SSN), last online time, current heart rate (HR), as well as the present LF/HF ratio and device version number (Version). Additionally, you can see whether the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is connected (Connected) and the signal strength (Signal) of the device within the gateway’s line of sight. The last column is labeled “action.” You can click on the view icon to access more detailed information about the device, or click on the image icon to view the device’s real-time electrocardiogram.

If you are not logged in as “sandbox,” the interface might appear as shown in the following image. In the image, there are 10 devices currently visible, with two devices (30212, 30210) connected and undergoing electrocardiogram monitoring. Additionally, three devices (89, 302041, 302044) are currently out of the line of sight range.

When you click on the “view” icon, you will enter the “ECG Device Information” page. The interface will appear as follows, and its content and usage mode are similar to the “Patient Information” section.

Similarly, this page also provides trend charts for various indicators for reference.

When you click on the icon of the image, there shouldn’t be anyone currently using this device. Therefore, please click on “Lock” first to secure it. Then, click on “BLE Open”. When the system displays “Connected”, you can start the ECG measurement. The difference between this measurement and the previous “ECG Monitor” is that it can be continuous and there’s no 14-day limit.

You can also utilize this feature in an emergency room or an ambulance, allowing real-time monitoring of a specific patient without the need for their basic information.

When you want to end the measurement, remember to first press “Monitor Stop”, then “BLE close”. Finally, “Unlock” the Gateway device.

VS-SAFETY, utilizing VitalSigns Technology’s VSH101 and VSG101/VSG102, simplifies the entire cloud-based physiological monitoring service. We also look forward to your contact as we work together to develop your physiological monitoring service. 

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