09. Environmental Temperature Sensor of VS-SAFETY

For remote medical care, the temperature and humidity of the patient’s environment are crucial factors. VS-SAFETY employs the VST103 sensor developed by VitalSigns Technology for monitoring environmental temperature and humidity. The VST103 is an industrial-grade temperature and humidity monitoring device that offers high precision and low power consumption. A single charge can last for over 10 years, and it reports the environmental temperature every 5 minutes. In addition to being used in operating rooms and patient rooms, our clients also utilize the VST103 for monitoring temperature and humidity during the transportation of vaccines, samples, or medication storage. For more detailed information about the VST103, you can refer to the following link:


The “Temperature Sensor List” introduced in this article refers to the measurement of environmental temperature using the VST103 sensor. To access the “Temperature Sensor List” in VS-SAFETY, you can either click on the “Temperature Sensor” feature on the “Main” page or access it through the “Menu” option in the top right corner of the page.

Since we are currently logged in with the “sandbox” account, we have set up a VST103 for the “sandbox” environment. Therefore, in the list, you should only see one VST103 device. In general usage, hospitals often place a VST103 sensor on each shelf of medication storage refrigerators to prevent temperatures from becoming too high or too low. The normal temperature range is typically between 2°C and 8°C. Some specific samples or vaccines may need to be stored at temperatures as low as -20°C to -40°C. In this case, we have set the temperature around body temperature. Whenever the temperature exceeds the set upper or lower limits, the VST103 will record an error and its status will change from “Normal” to “Alarm”.

For typical healthcare facility users, temperature monitoring devices, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, may amount to dozens of units, as illustrated below:

Click on the “View” icon in the “Action” column to access more temperature and humidity data.
rom the “Temperature Sensor Information” page, you can observe the current status, battery level, and signal strength of the sensor. The page also provides a comprehensive trend chart for temperature and humidity, along with data queries recorded every 5 minutes.

VS-SAFETY is a powerful online healthcare system that ensures patients experience a safer and more comfortable care environment through continuous, long-term monitoring of environmental temperature using VST103.

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