VSH101 1-Lead ECG Holter


VSH101 is a great chest-pad type 1-lead ECG device.  Chest-type ECG device is much more better for monitor your patient because it needs no hands or finger to put on the sensor. Normally, ECG check takes hours even days, handheld type or watch type ECG is useless for normal usage.  VSH101  has the best performance  sensing in the market, it has 24 bits resolution and 500 Hz frame rate. All the raw data can be fetch out in CSV file type. It has the best CMRR (70db, typical 100 db).  User can decide to have the raw data or the filtered data. 

VSH101 has a rechargible better in side the active time  is more than 2 days and it has a G-Sensor in side. It is great for pose detection and for motion-artifacts removal. VSH101 has a open protocol and open source sample code for users to creat your own telemedicine service or APP.  All the open protocol provides the G-Sensor, HRV, heart rate and the peak detection.

VSH101 has a  water proof of IP42  it passed the major ECG device regulation needed for certification. VSH101 has a big pad and light weight.  It is suitable for long-term monitoring usage.


Telemedicine, ECG AI training, clinical ECG test,  nursing house, pet ECG and pet ICU


Electrical Specification

  • Battery : 3.7V, 160mAh, Li-ion Battery
  • Working Hour : ˃24 hours @ 500Hz SPS
  • Charging Power : 5V DC
  • Dynamic range : ˂ 10% or 50uV
  • CMRR : ˃=70db
  • Storage Size: 8 Gbits
  • USB Firmware Download support

Water-proof Level

  • IP42

Suggested Working Environment

  • Temperature : +5 °C ~ 40 °C
  • Humidity : 10%~80%

Temperature & G-Sensor

  • Body Temperature : ±0.1 °C
  • G-sensor : 25Hz, maximum 8G

HRV Data

  • Time domain : SDNN, RMSSD
  • Freq domain : HF, LF, LF/HF, TP

ECG & Heart Rate

  • Sample rate : 125 ~ 500 Hz
  • Resolution : 24-bit
  • Heart rate : 30~250 bpm
  • Lead-off detection

Date Transfer

  • BLE 4.2/ BLE 5.0
  • TX Power : 9 dB
  • Range : 10 meter (open area)


VSH101 : 54 x 42.96 x 8 mm

Pad : 130 x 62 x 4.4 mm

USB Cable : 80 x 40 x 12 mm


VSH101 : 8.5g

Pad : 4.5g

USB Cable : 7g


IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC/EN 60601-2, IEC/EN 60601-1-11, IEC/EN 60601-2-47, IEC/EN 62133, CFDA, TFDA, NCC, FCC, UN38.4

ECG Performance


Please click the following link for more information

Demo Tool –  VitalSigns VsCheck

Firmware Update Tool – VSH101 Update

Device Beacon Mode Setting

Where to buy

Please mail to sales@vsigntek.com