The VitalSigns 1-Lead Holter is intended for use at home, or at a workplace to record, store, transfer and display continuous single-channel ECG data, heart rate and other information via Bluetooth transmission to devices with mobile APP (VSHealth).


“VsHealth” is a electrocardiogram monitoring software developed by VitalSigns Technology for the iOS platform. Install the software on a iOS device (such as iPhone or iPad) via the following link.

Home Page

This is startup page for VSHealth APP.
Click  go to Scan page to select VSH101 device
Press to expand more functions, including:

           : Setting for Startup page

           : Information page

           : Load the historical ECG data files

Scan Page

  • This page will scan for nearby VSH101 devices and select the device for ECG measurements.
  • Scan once automatically when go to this page.
  • If the device is not found, click to scan again.

▲ Select the device you want to connect 

Main Page

  • The main window will show some information including real-time ECG chart, measurement, health status, heart rate, and body temperature.
  • At the bottom of the page, there are several buttons that represent the functions we provide. We will introduce them below:

:Stop measurement; the information on the page will not be updated.

 : Start measurement; the information on the page will continuously update,you can view the real-time health status.

 : Show measurement data (default mode).

  :  Show more information including statistical data.

: Press to expand more functionalities, including:

              : Display historical data.

                : Display access the configuration.

  • There are two display modes available for toggling:

Configuration Page

Clicking on the  “” to access the configuration page.

  • Click to setting the new pin code.
  • Enter the PIN code for the device.
  • If incorrect inputs are entered three times
  • Enter a new PIN code.
  • Re-enter the new PIN code.

Setup Setting

  • Click     to set the setup settings

Auto-Connect Function

Alarm Setting Page

Language Config


Click , to load previous records to review them again. The file name is based on date and time (ex: 20240322_185157) when the measurement started