VSG102 WIFI Biosensor Gateway


VSG102 is a great biosensor gateway it relays the ECG and other major vital signs to the server via WIFI. It makes the ECG measurement anytime and anywhere easily. It  is embeaded with  high power LED and speaker inside. In emergency, it  is a great self-rescuer. It can receive information from up  to 10 ECG devices at the same time that makes VSG102 a very cost-effective ward monitoring equipment.   It helps relay a lot of instant patient information to the control station. VSG102 has more than 10 hours working time, it can be easily put into you pocket. It will not affect patient daily life and makes the far-distance ECG monitoring easy.

VSG102 is a WIFI type BLE to WIFI gateway. It is very suitable for motion or daily usage.


Firefighters, Telemedicine, ECG AI training, clinical ECG test,  nursing house, pet ECG and pet ICU


Electrical  Specification

  • Battery : Rechargeable Li-on battery
  • Working Hour : 12 Hours
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Patient Monitoring Count : 1~200

Date Transfer

  • WIFI
  • BLE Tx : 9.33 dBm
  • Range : 10 meter (open area)

Alert Reminder

  • Light : keep flickering
  • Noise : 1 m , 90 dB
  • Configurable Alarm

Monitor Mode

  • ECG Monitoring : < 10 persons
  • Temperature  Monitoring :  < 200 persons
  • ECG Char: 1 ECG chart monitoring


  • VSG102 : 96.6 x 72.6 x 24.5 mm


  • VSG102 : 140 g

Monitor Type


Please click the following link for more information

Firmware update tools – VSG102 Update

Manual VSG102 Update

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Manual VSG102 Setting

Where to buy

Please mail to sales@vsigntek.com