Privacy Policy

Thank you for reading and understanding the privacy policy of VitalSigns. We highly value your privacy and strive to ensure the appropriate protection of your personal information. Here is further clarification on the information you have provided:

1. Data Collection Scope:

    1.1 Information and Content Provided by You

     We collect content provided by you when using VitalSigns products, including but not limited to account registration, personal      

     information, physiological information recorded through devices, and information obtained through integrated systems.


    1.2 Usage Patterns

     We gather information related to your usage of the product, including viewed content, utilized features, actions taken, as well as the 

     timing, frequency, and duration of activities. This information contributes to enhancing the user experience.


2. Data Management and Deletion:

     We provide functionality to read, modify, and delete your data to ensure you can manage your personal information at any time. 

     If you wish to delete personal data, you can perform the necessary actions through the device’s file browser.


3. Third-Party Sharing and Legal Requirements:

     Unless with your prior consent, we will not provide your personal data to third parties. However, we may disclose necessary

     information based on national needs or legal requirements.


4. Policy Change Notifications:

    We will notify you before making changes to the privacy policy, ensuring you have sufficient time to review the revised policy.

    This provides you with the opportunity to decide whether to continue using VitalSigns products.


Contacting Us

  If there are any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you may contact us using the information below.