Vaccine Refrigerator Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

Deployment Architecture


A vaccine refrigerator temperature and humidity monitoring system is a specialized system designed to ensure the proper storage conditions of vaccines and other temperature-sensitive medical products. It consists of various components and features that work together to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, preventing spoilage and maintaining the effectiveness of the vaccines.

Here is a description of the key components and features typically found in a vaccine refrigerator temperature and humidity monitoring system:

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors: The system includes sensors that continuously monitor and record the temperature and humidity levels inside the refrigerator. These sensors are usually placed strategically to provide accurate readings in different areas of the storage unit.

  • Data Logger: The data logger is responsible for collecting and storing the sensor data over time. It records the temperature and humidity readings at regular intervals, creating a log of the conditions inside the refrigerator. This data can be analyzed later for quality control purposes or to identify any deviations from the recommended storage conditions.

  • Alarms and Alerts: The monitoring system is equipped with alarms and alerts to notify the relevant personnel in case of any temperature or humidity deviations. When the sensors detect values outside the acceptable range, the system triggers an alarm, sending notifications via email, SMS, or through a dedicated monitoring software. This enables immediate action to be taken to address the issue and prevent any potential damage to the stored vaccines.

  • Remote Monitoring: Many systems offer the convenience of remote monitoring, allowing authorized personnel to access the real-time data and receive alerts from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This feature enables healthcare professionals to monitor the conditions of the vaccine refrigerator even when they are not physically present on-site.

  • Compliance Reports: The system generates comprehensive reports that provide an overview of the temperature and humidity conditions within the vaccine refrigerator. These reports are crucial for regulatory compliance and can be used as documentation during audits or inspections.

Overall, a vaccine refrigerator temperature and humidity monitoring system provides an essential tool for healthcare facilities and vaccination centers to maintain the integrity and efficacy of vaccines. By closely monitoring and controlling storage conditions, it helps prevent the wastage of valuable vaccines and ensures that they remain potent and safe for administration.

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Instant Device Monitoring

  • Monitor the real-time status of all equipment operations
  • Automatic page update

Temperature Monitoring Report

  • Provides temperature records every hour
  • Monitors maximum, minimum, and average values

Temperature data download

  • Ability to separately view and download daily and monthly temperature information
  • Daily/monthly report queries and printing

Personal Settings Management

  • Management of usage rights, notification mail management, password management
  • Manage Temperature Monitoring Devices

System Information Status

  • System information and server status
  • Hard disk space, memory, file usage status

VST103 BLE Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Performance Specifications

  • Temperature Sensor : -40°C ~ 125°C ± 0.2°C
  • Humidity Sensor : 0% to 100% ± 2%
  • Battery : 3.7~4.2V, 18650 lithium battery x 4
  • Communication : BLE
  • Operation Time : Maximum to 10 years on a full charge
  • Upload read-time data to server every minute (adjustable)

VSG103 BLE to Wi-Fi gateway

Performance Specifications

  • Supply Power:5V DC
  • Power consumption : 1W (average)
  • Communication : Wi-Fi and BLE
  • Can receive data from multiple BLE devices at the same time

Flash LED & Siren

Performance Specifications

  • Communication : USB to UART
  • Volume : 108±3dB/30cm
  • Flash LED

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Server

Performance Specifications

  • Power consumption : 4W (average)
  • Communication : LAN, Wi-Fi and BLE
  • Report : daily/monthly
  • Chart : daily/monthly
  • The server records a temperature and humidity data every 5 minutes (adjustable)
  • Temperature and humidity sensor raw data output (CSV format)
  • Manual event tag filling
  • alert reminder :
    • Low/Hight Temperature alarm
    • Device battery low(<10%)
    • Device off line

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System Real Time Monitoring

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System Report

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