VitalSigns Ditigal Stethoscope: Feel You Heart Beat

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VitalSigns Ditigal Stethoscope: Feel You Heart Beat

October 21, 2016 Uncategorized 0
Digital Stethoscope


  • 1 audio jack output for headphone
  • Low power consumption : 2 mA
  • Electrical Amplifies Gain:  +32 dB
  • Acoustic Amplifies Gain: +7 dB
  • Noise level @1 KHz  : <1uV



Digital Stethoscope

VitalSigns provide a wired digital stethoscope solution.

VitalSigns Stethoscope solution provides high definition audio quality and much comfortable than traditional stethoscope.

It is only acoustic and amplify circuit and without any electromagnetic wave emitting.

Just plug-in your earphone , the clear heart sound can be heard.

It is very suitable for the  pediatric clinic and veterinary hospital.

Pregnant mother can use the digital stethoscope to find her baby’s heart beat without worrying about the electromagnetic wave issue.

Digital Stethoscope

VitalSigns Digital Stethoscope

Demonstration video with the heart sound recorded.

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