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We Secure Your Health

June 13, 2016 Uncategorized 0


There are 15 million people suffer stroke each year and nearly 6 million of these die and another 5 million people is permanent disabled.

However, strokes comes from different causes and the major one is high blood pressure.

84% strokes of the world comes from high blood pressure.



1 / 3 of the adults has a high blood pressure issue but only half of the people is aware about their issue and control the high blood pressure.

The major way to cutting down the vital stroke is to control your (or your family member’s) blood pressure.

To measure the blood pressure regularly is the major way to prevent from stroke.

High blood pressure has almost no symptom.

That’s why most of the people ignored the issue and finally become a fatal problem.

VitalSigns to provide a accurate, easy and comfortable way to secure your blood pressure.

Let us be your superhero.

VitalSigns Technology




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