A new cuff-less blood pressure monitor device

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A new cuff-less blood pressure monitor device

September 2, 2016 Uncategorized 0

High blood pressure

There are 1/3 people around the world suffer high blood pressure problem and half of them never monitor the problem that leads the 80% of stroke on the other words it means 5 million people dead per year.

Why people don’t monitor their blood pressure?

Generally, High blood pressure bring no uncomfortable feeling that is the major reason that people tend to ignore it.

Second, it is not comfortable to do the cuff-type blood pressure meter. Since, we has enter the second decade of the 21 century but the blood pressure monitor technology is almost the same as the 1990.  A big device and a cuff make people feel like they are patients. An easy and more advanced technology can improve this situation

A cuff-less blood pressure monitor with PTT method

Pulse transit time(PTT) blood pressure  is a new blood pressure monitor technology.  It utilize a lead#1 ECG signal and the PPG (heart rate monitor signal like fitBit) to estimate your blood pressure. We will simply explain how this work:

ECG signal is the heart muscle electrical signal. The peak (R-peak) means can be treat as the time that muscles started to push the blood out of the heart. Then, the blood goes through the lung and get a lot of oxygen.

PPG signal can tell the oxygen intensity of blood.We can treat the peak (PPG-PEAK) as higher oxygen intensity (PPG-PEAK).


Now, combine the above  two characteristics. We can come out a method to do blood pressure measurement. Treat R-peak as the  start point time that blood leave heart and the PPG-PEAK means the end point for blood goes to the left wrist.

The shorter the time difference means the higher the blood pressure.

Higher pressure makes blood flow faster and that means the shorter time.

There are several benefits of the device:

(1) It records your ECG with a handheld device

(2) It is faster and more comfortable

(3) It is smaller and can be adapt to smartphone and watch or tablets.


Pulse transit time

Demonstration Video

The solution is presented by VitalSigns Technology (http://www.vsigntek.com)
It shall be the first PTT blood pressure device creator.


Trends of the health monitor

The cuff-less blood pressure monitor with PTT shows a new trend that how smartphone could be our health inspector. Smartphone already link our personal information and a day-and-night  personal secretary, has great computing power and display ability. Via kinds of accessories  to read our body and centralized in the smartphone, managed by the cloud.  A smartphone can not only be a telephone, camera, or map. It can become ablood pressure monitor , an expensive ECG monitor and maybe someday, it will become our doctors.

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