VSH101 is an exceptional chest-pad type 1-lead ECG (Electrocardiogram) device designed to revolutionize patient monitoring. Unlike traditional handheld or watch-type ECGs, this innovative device offers unparalleled convenience and accuracy. To ensure optimal functionality and access to the latest features, users can update the firmware of the VSH101 device using the dedicated software, VSH101Update.


The “VitalSigns” 1-Lead Holter is intended for use at home, or at a workplace to record, store, transfer and display continuous single-channel ECG data, heart rate and other information via Bluetooth transmission to Bluetooth enabled devices with mobile APP (VSHealth).


“VsHealth” is a patient electrocardiogram monitoring software developed by VitalSigns Technology for the iOS platform. You can install the software on your iOS device, such as iPhone or iPad, through the following link.