Our Vision

“We have 12% or 40+ Million patients that have 5 or more MCC – multiple chronic conditions in the US. These at-risk patients consume ~ 40%+ or $2+ Trillion dollars of our healthcare resources. A low-cost, easy-to-use, multi-function ECG+Vitals™ telemetry monitoring system similar to the ones used in the ICU that can proactively monitor patients in-hospital, in-transit, or at home assisting RPM, and MCCM care efficiency and patient outcomes. The remote data and AI can also provide early warning alerts preventing downstream events, such as stroke, heart attack, cardiac arrest, saving lives and Medicare costs.”

“At VitalSigns Corp – we made ambulatory ECG+Vitals™ telemetry monitoring system easy and affordable, by integrating multiple biosensors into a chest patch with a BLE/ Wi-Fi/Cellular gateway to connect other IoMDs. Our cloud-based AI offer patients, providers, and carriers real-time continuous analytics and golden hour alerts to save lives and medical expenses.”

“As a Taiwan-based ODM/OEM, we private label AI-based remote monitoring systems for global brand owners. Thank you for choosing us as your ODM partner.”

Joe Liu, Executive Chairman

About Us

以Based in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, VitalSigns Corp is a leading ambulatory ECG+Vitals™ multi-function remote monitoring systems ODM/OEM. We integrate biosensors into a chest patch with a universal BLE/Wi-Fi/Mobile gateway & Cloud-App, to support CMS’s remote care, especially for CCM, RPM, TCM, & AWV services with AI ease of use, affordability, care quality, efficiency and overall user experiences.

VitalSigns Corp. does not market finished product but is an end-to-end multi function ECG+Vitals™ telemetry monitoring system and solutions provider to brand owner. Our commitment to ethical practices and stringent regulatory compliance guarantees peace of mind and trust, including TFDA, CFDA, IEC/EN 60601, and pending FDA 510(k).

Our Systems Integration

Integrated Multi-Function Biosensor in a Ambulatory ECG+Vitals™ Chest-Patch

A Universal ECG+Vitals™ Vital Signs BLE/Wi-Fi/Mobile Gateway for IoMDs

Supervisory Control for Stakeholders

Support CMS’s mHealth Programs Including CCM, RPM, TCM, AWV

Centralized Multi-Patient Management for Quality & Efficiency

AI-Based Early Warning Alerts for At-Risk Individuals

AI-Based Remote ECG+Vitals™ Monitoring Made Smart, Easy & Affordable

AI-Based ECG+Vitals™ Holter Monitor and Event Recorder

First Responder's AI-Based Proactive Early Warning Capabilities (EWC) Monitoring

Mission-critical personnel, first responders, firefighters, soldiers and at-risk patients’ proactively managed Smart Central Station to avoid cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke, and save lives

School Nurses' Proactive Chest-Patch ECG+Vitals™ Multi-Function Telemetry Monitoring System

CSR Compliance & At-Risk Student’s Health Monitoring and Protection Systems

Military Personnel's Proactive Chest-Patch ECG+Vitals™ Multi-Function Telemetry Monitoring System & Real-Time Health Monitoring for Risk Prevention

VitalSigns Corp. collaborates with Joe & Emmy Liu Foundation's Multiple Chronic Condition (MCC) Prevention efforts for care, efficiency, transparency, care equality, and patient outcome.