VitalSigns Holter Solution Introduction

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VitalSigns Holter Solution Introduction

October 18, 2016 ECG Product 3


Heart disease is always the major death cause of the world.

Some people have great medical insurance that can provide them a great annual cardio examination, but

however, hundreds of thousands people  never get even once ECG check in their lifetime.

To create an accurate, affordable cardio inspector is always our major goal.

We hope more people can know their heart more by this product.

VitalSigns Holter Solution

VitalSigns Holter provides a portable 3-Lead ECG solution for taking care human’s heart.

VitalSigns provides fully hardware, firmware and APP support.

The size of VitalSigns Holter  is quite small ( 30 mm x 48 mm x 12 mm).

It reports high quality 3-Lead ECG waveform with clear P, Q, R, S, T and the related heart rate.

All data can be saved into local SD CARD for further analysis.

Best Portable 3-Lead ECG Holter

The VitalSigns Holter set includes  the major sensor and 2 signal wires and 4 ECG electrodes.

Not like the 1-time usage electrodes the 4 ECG electrodes can be used for 200 times that more suitable for family usage.



It is easy to operate the 3-Lead ECG

  1. Put the electrodes as what the figure shows below
  2. Download and execute the APP.
  3. Connect device and run.

Accurate 3-LEAD ECG shows in a seconds.


Portable 3-Lead ECG

The follow diagram  shows a normal ECG chart for Lead-1, Lead-2 and Lead-3. It has a normal and clear P, Q, R, S, T pattern.


In contract with above diagram, we will show another example about an abnormal ECG chart.

The S-T segment is too wide. Sometimes, it represents a potential heart disease.

Seeking for medical support is very necessary.



VitalSigns Holter Solution


  • BLE wireless communication
  • Reports 3-LEAD ECG and heart rate
  • Battery capacity: 300mAh
  • Long working hour: Active mode 50 HR | standby mode 600 HR
  • Fully firmware, and Android APP support
  • ECG Electrodes: 200 times measurement

If you are interested in this small, portable and accurate 3-lead ECG solution, please contact us.

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