A Review of Several 1-Lead Portable ECG Devices

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A Review of Several 1-Lead Portable ECG Devices

December 21, 2016 ECG Product 0

A portable Handheld ECG device is usually small and can be used to measure the lead-1 ECG signal.

That utilizes human’s left hand and right hand as lead-1 ECG signal.

Since, the heart electrical signal  must go from chest to the hands that means more noise will be introduced in.

The noise immunity ability of handheld ECG devices must be higher than the conventional ECG device which utilizes the conventional electrodes (like below)


In this article, we will make a review of several handheld 1-Lead ECG devices to see which one has a greater performance.


After reviewing the video of AliveCor’s demo video

There are several items that we can share with you.

The sampling rate of the ECG chart seems a little not enough, the ECG chart goes not so smooth.

ECG waveform seems un-nature there is almost no P-wave and some R-peak seems to be filtered.

The waveform is trembling,it might be the tester’s hand shaking that the device records the hands’ muscle signal.

The other drawback is the device utilize audio to transfer data. It needs to be operated in a quiet environment to get a better performance.




ECG Check

The second video we reviewed is  ECG check


Basically, its waveform seems more nature . That is much better than AliveCor.

But the signal trembles a little. P-wave is almost filtered out.


By the way, in their official demo video,

it seems the tester  put the wrong fingers on the electrodes (left to right and right to left hand).

All the signal becomes upside-down.



Airstrip integrated a plenty of bio-signals integrated into the system that includes lead-1 ECG, SpO2, blood pressure and heart rate, body temperature.

But let’s  take a look at the ECG signal, it is found that ECG waveform is totally distorted (un-nature) and there are several peak noise in the chart.

That is not a good sign for any diagnosis or medical usage.



VitalSigns’s  1-Lead ECG has a more accurate waveform that P, Q , R, S, T waveform can be distinguished.

The waveform is more smooth because of a higher sampling rate and there is less-trembled waveform.

There is not only ECG signal but also the PPG signal is recorded in the small handheld ECG devices.

After zoom-in the signal, you can find the waveform is almost no trembling.

P, Q, R, S and T wave can be seem clearly.



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