How to upgrade VitalSigns Blood Pressure Wristband firmware

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How to upgrade VitalSigns Blood Pressure Wristband firmware

November 24, 2016 ECG Product 0

Today, we are going to demonstrate how to upgrade theVitalSigns Blood Pressure Wristband firmware with VitalSigns-CARDIO.

In the video, the firmware will be upgraded to version 92 from 91.

The whole upgrade procedure is automatically, you don’t have to download the firmware from internet by yourself, and you don’t have to take complex steps to finish it. All you have to do is making┬áthe VitalSigns Blood Pressure Wristband fully charged, and get the latest VitalSigns-CARDIO from Google Play or our developer website.

Once you have prepared the VitalSigns Blood Pressure Wristband and VitalSigns-CARDIO, you can open the VitalSigns-CARDIO to start to upgrade the firmware. First, please make sure your pad or phone is connecting to the network due to the VitalSigns-CARDIO has to download the latest firmware from the VitalSigns server.

Second, connect the VitalSigns Blood Pressure Wristband in the VitalSigns-CARDIO. Once the connection is established, there will be a dialog shown up to remind you that there is a new firmware available if the firmware version of the device is older than the latest one. So, please click “YES” to start the firmware upgrading procedure.

During the firmware upgrading procedure, there might be a list of all available BLE devices shown in some pad or phone. Don’t be panic, just select the device with the name “NSL_DFU”, and the upgrading procedure will continue.

After the firmware upgrade procedure is finished, the dialog will dismissed automatically. Due to the firmware is upgraded, we have to restart the VitalSigns-CARDIO to connect the device. Remember, the APP has to be RESTARTED, which means you have to remove the VitalSigns-CARDIO from the multi-task list.

Following video shows how to complete it step by step.

Now, have fun with your upgraded device!

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