How to upgrade VitalSigns BLE firmware with VitalSigns-GEAR

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How to upgrade VitalSigns BLE firmware with VitalSigns-GEAR

November 25, 2016 ECG Product 1

In the previous post, we demonstrate how to use VitalSigns-CARDIO to upgrade the VitalSigns Blood Pressure Wristband firmware. In this post, we will show you how to use VitalSigns-GEAR to upgrade the VitalSigns BLE firmware.

The difference between VitalSigns-CARDIO and VitalSigns-GEAR is VitalSigns-CARDIO is designed to upgrade the firmware of VitalSigns Blood Pressure Wristband only, and VitalSigns-GEAR has options to upgrade firmware of all VitalSigns products. In other words, if you want to upgrade the firmware of VitalSigns Blood Pressure Wristband, you can use both VitalSigns-CARDIO and  VitalSigns-GEAR. But, we suggest to use VitalSigns-CARDIO because it is much easier to use than VitalSigns-GEAR. For others, you have  to use VitalSigns-GEAR only.

You have to take 5 steps to upgrade the firmware.

  1. Establish the BLE connection with the target device.
  2. Open the OTA dialog by clicking “Firmware Upgrade” in the menu.
  3. Select the proper target. In app version 122, there are two targets available, CARDIO and HOLTER, where CARDIO means VitalSigns Blood Pressure Wristband, and HOLTER means VitalSigns Holter.
  4. Click “UPGRADE” button to start the procedure.
  5. Select the “NSL_DFU” device in the pop-out list and wait.

Be notice, you have to  select the correct target at step 3, or your device might not work properly.

Following video demonstrates how to upgrade a VitalSigns-Holter from version 92 to 94 with VitalSigns-GEAR.

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