VitalSigns-Cardio Measurement



In this section, we will show you how to use VitalSigns-CARDIO to connect a VitalSigns BLE device to measure blood pressure.


1. Enter VitalSigns-CARDIO APP


The following shows the screenshot of the VitalSigns-CARDIO.


2. Establish BLE connection with VitalSigns BLE device


Click the bluetooth button at the top-right corner to open a list of scanned BLE devices


Select the device in the list. In this example, we select the “Aaaaa”.


3. Wait for connection established


We have to wait until the record button is lighten up.


4. Start the measurement


Click the record button will start the measurement. During the measurement, the record button will become a square from circle.


5. Stop the measurement


The measurement will be stopped automatically after the blood pressure is measured, typically it takes 20 to 30 seconds. Or, we could click the record button to stop the measurement. After the measurement is stopped, the record button will become a circle.


6. Save Data


If you want to save the measurement data, click “YES” button to save the result. The dialog is closed automatically after 10 seconds.