VSG102 Firmware Update

VSG102 is a vital signs gateway that can related the information from the local sensor to the internet via WIFI. You can use the softeware VSG102Update to get the latest features by update the firmware. This document will show users how to update the firmware of VSG102 with the software VSG Update.

Update your VSG102 gateway

    You  can get the latest version firmware to update VSG102.

1. Please scan the below QR code for download  “VSG102 Update” tool from Apple Store

2. Make sure the device have 50 % battery capacity at least or plugged in the USB type-C charger。

3. Open the “VSG102 Update” APP and click the “START”


4. Click the “Scan Start” for select a device

5. Select a device, as VSG102_**_********  

6. Make sure the device and update it. 

7. Start update and waiting about two minutes

8. Finish update           

VSG102 Update Demo Video

Need more help with updating

Make sure the VSG102 device indicator is flashing。

If not, Please open “VSG102Update” APP check Scan item have the “OTA_VSG102” 

1. Select a device, OTA_VSG102

2.Make sure the selected device and update it

3.Start update and waiting about two minutes 

4.Finish update